May 14, 2006


I have a knife set and it generally works well for me. The cooks knife though, could be sharper, have a better shape. This has led me to look for alternatives. First I tried a Japanese cooks knife. It works different than the German knife I started with, in some ways nicer, in some ways not. It too could be sharper. Both those knives are made of stainless steel which just won't take a really sharp edge. People like them though because they look good and require little maintenance.

I want to try a carbon steel knife. They are hard to find. No local store has one. On the web I see some Sabatier knives, and in some of the food fora folks talk with fondness about their old French Sabatier blades. Solutions? Get a Sabatier knife.

Not so fast. What is a Sabatier knife? Some vendors talk like there is only one, but I have found the truth not so simple.

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