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News Headlines

Headlines are great but it seems the lower on the food chain of the news hierarchy the outlet is, the worse the headlines get. I suppose that's linked to better writers being at better news sources but still it's an eye-opener.

CNN was an obvious source for good headlines. As I looked into their online site it seemed that most if not all of the rotating headlines were very concise and to the point. No witty banter or word-play was seen here...just information giving you a brief line on the news. I looked at other news sources and even in smaller towns like Des Moines Iowa and St. Paul still had good headline writing.

The breakdown happened when I started looking at news sources in small towns. We're talking about the the little towns that dot America. I'm not quite sure if the Dakota County Tribune would ever be considered a large news source but when the hard hitting news of the day's headline reads "Destined for Destruction" is talking about a bridge being torn down. Way to be hard hitting.