Lead analysis: "White House releases photo of Obama firing a gun"

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In a New York Daily News story, reporter Victoria Cavaliere wrote about a photograph where President Barack Obama was firing a gun. This was made news because the president is currently trying to tighten the laws on gun control.

The lead read: "Gun control is more than a political issue for President Obama."

A news lead is supposed to answer the "who", "what", "when", "where", and sometimes the "why", of a story. This lead only answers "who" and a bit of "what". This lead lacks detail and is much too general and vague. I don't see how this lead fits into the story, either. The story was about President Obama's released photo of him shooting a gun in the midst of all the current news on gun control. This lead did not give any insight to that, and it really did not make much sense. In this case, the author was attempting to catch the reader's attention by keeping the lead short and sweet. However, I don't believe she succeeded because it was vague and misleading.

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I'm glad to see you did the lead analysis, although I can't give you credit for it. You have to make deadline. The news entries look good. Just be sure to keep up the pace on these, and don't leave them all for the weekend. G.G.

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