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Adam Smith would drive whatever he felt like unless it benefited his wallet enough to stop.

An altruistic approach would be a cultural renaissance, a dramatic shift in our way of thinking. Thinking of the long-term collective in just the area of the environment would spill over into other areas. The implications of such a shift reach into the world of politics and economics. What would this mean for our capitalistic system? I do believe that an economy of competition is the greatest source of economic and technological advancement. The market also perfects the art of customer care (Businesses couldn’t compete if they were staffed by DMV employees). Also, our private economic sector is one of the few domains that calls for our government to be non-authoritarian – but can capitalism coexist with much more socialist styles of thought in other areas of society?

We are a progressive society, but moral progress may have to be sacrificed for the more rapid self-interest approach. People should still be reminded of the altruistic implications of their actions, if for no other reason than so that we can remember our morals.

An entirely moral approach is really way to slow and it may not even be possible to defy human nature to such a degree. The shift would be huge and probably wouldn’t mesh with certain aspects of American society. An approach that mostly appeals to the rational self-interested individual is the only way to bring about the timely change that we need.