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Lets Talk About Girl Talk

I do agree that our cultural mindsets are the root cause of most environmental problems that we face today. I’d probably describe it as a culture of industry, but that broad mindset happens to spawn feelings of domination over nature. This rage is apt.

I would also agree that, on the large scale, our culture exploits the female form. I don’t necessarily feel it is immoral to display attractive women to draw attention to a product, but it is definitely used to an advantage in our society, and it is widely accepted. It is artistic marketing, just like using a catchy song or a flashy billboard, and at our base levels most of us ignore the prudish inhibitions and recognize the aesthetics. Getting back on track: yes, female bodies are mined resources in our culture (without such a negative connotation). I concede the fact that I am a male, but I don’t see the cause for rage on this level. I don’t consider this domination. This rage is not so apt.

I think the rage towards men comes from a level much below the general cultural level. Terry and Sandy over-generalize to make it seem like a cultural problem. I don’t think that most men feel the kind of estrangement with themselves that she and her friend talk about, which results in a warped sense of intimacy. They’ve apparently known some men with issues. The generalization would be insulting if I were more prone to such things. It hurts her credibility on a logical level.

The domination of women is not quite a result of culture like the domination of nature is. Domination of women is more isolated and personal, and the extrapolation to the entire population is not as founded as it is to blame our culture for environmental problems.

Is there a connection between the two? No, I don’t really see it. Domination of nature is the result of a culture oriented around industry, while occurrences of domination of women are more the result of…..I don’t know……..bad parenting?