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Project Progress 5-1

My project is not coming along as well as I hoped. A lot of the video did not turn out, and the past 2 weekends that I wanted to shoot the weather did not cooperate. I have a lot of still pictures of games and individuals that I will be using. I am thinking that I will mesh a documentary and a digital storytelling piece together. I have gotten pretty far with this. I have 100’s of pictures to sort through and have gotten through many of them. I am revising my voice over and hope to be done by May 2nd. My goal for the entire video project is to be done the night of May 3rd, with the back up day being the evening of May 4th. I really am doing my best to set aside the time that I will need for the project now. I just got through a few crazy weeks of exams and am spending the next week primary on this class and project. I can’t wait to see the result!