December 2, 2004

The Second Rehearsal

Well, I'm relieved that we found a space, and I've heard that we'll be able to have control of the lights there, so I hope I'll be able to do something interesting with lighting. Once we figure out what we're doing. I *loved* TK's production vision: "I want to do something different, something fun. We'll add meaning later." Now that's great theatre! And I'm being a sarcastic snot again. It was Marla's blog that said she had never thought of the collaborative process as losing a central focus, but I really do believe that's what's happening here. If we're trying to include everyone's vision, it's much too broad. We'll never get anything meaningful across. In some ways, I'm still convinced that I don't belong here.

See, it's becoming clearer and clearer to me the theme that I want to present: that people go to the theatre in order to look for hidden meaning that is lost in the real world. To take an example from TH1321, a person on stage walks past a wineglass, notices it, and stops. Everyone in the audience immediately knows that something about the wineglass has meaning for that character. But the thing is, in the real world, no one would really care. Except for me, it seems. Am I the only one that sees these things? I had a really wierd experience in our discussion section that day we had a double class. When we were partnered up and told to observe things about the other person, James started telling me things about myself and I felt like I was in the wrong place. I guess it's a dazzling experience for an observer to feel like they're being observed. I watch everything, and I know a lot that people probably don't think I notice. But people normally just don't notice these things, I guess. I wish that life could be more like theatre. Every day I'm putting on a show for the world, and it's filled with underlying meaning if anyone would care to look. But it's just not getting great reviews. People don't look at me that way. Maybe that's my life goal, huh. To make people look at the world like that. Like everything has a meaning that must be tweezed out.

Anywaaaaaaayyyyy.... on to the project analysis, I guess. I think I am now our resident designer in charge of set, lights, and sound. Probably props as well. This is why we need to lock in what we're doing pretty soon... we perform in less than two weeks, and we still haven't been able to start a lot of stuff. I'm not sure how to analyze the members of our group... I think that Alex wants to help out more, because he seemed a little disappointed that his only assigned job was acting. Which he rocks at, by the way. Ben also... the two of them have helped to keep our rehearsal space really light and playful. Boy, do they know how to play. I only hope that our final project isn't too dirty. Or too homosexual. What about us poor heterosexuals??? Anyway, I think Marla's been doing a bunch of research, though I'm not sure on what. She's got some good ideas, though, and Natalie does as well. Right now, I think our biggest concern is just to play and play (and play quickly) and DECIDE WHICH SCENES WE'RE DOING! This needs to be done in a hasty manner. Because we need to start the real work. And I do have ideas about the epilogue. I'd almost like to be pseudo-director, just for the epilogue, beause I know what it means and I don't think anyone else has thought about it. I've been waiting almost all semester to show the theme of theatre as an escape from hopelessness, and this is the chance. See, when the sun goes down it goes from dark to light because we are the thespians. Day to day life is dull.. and depressing. But at, say, eight at night, when the curtain rises, it's light. It's theatre. It's an escape. I'm not quite sure yet how to present this through one line of text, it'd probably be lost anyway, but I have to try. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't. Now to convince our director to let me have control of a bit of the show. This is my collaborative contribution. It's the only part of the show I've been really really passionate about.

And as far as themes go, the first person to read through the lines of this blog posting to the hidden meaning gets a gold star. And my ultimate respect forever.

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