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China Investigates Contaminated Infant Formula

The New York Times reported on Friday that China will be investigating infant formula that was contaminated with melamine and is linked to the death of one baby and at least 50 cases of kidney problems in other babies.
The producer of this formula, Sanlu Group, recalled 700 tons of the formula after finding out it was contaminated.
However, there are many questions regarding this incident and the Sanlu would not answer phone calls from the New York Times regarding the incident.
Chinese officials say they have interviewed almost 80 dairy farmers and milk dealers and suspect that some milk may have been diluted with water and then had melamine added to mask the dilution.
Officials promise severe consequences for people who are found responsible.
This is not the first case of contamination of Chinese products. Last year, pet food with contaminated Chinese ingredients killed thousands of pets, after which China promised no people foods would be contaminated with melamine.