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Coon Rapids man dies after mixing drugs

The Star Tribune reported that an expecting father from of Coon Rapids died after a night of partying where he mixed alcohol with pain medications.
The party was supposed to be a celebration of his son's expected birth the next day.
Eric J. Simco, the man who dies, was engaged, and his fiancee said that they were just getting ready to buy a house for them and their son.
His son was born the next day, and his fiancee expressed her sadness the he was never able to hold his son.
His fiancee said the the pain killers came from a car accident that he suffered a few years ago, and that she knew he was taking more than he should. She also said that he was planning to stop taking the drugs and drinking after his son was born.
He was also taking an anti-anxiety medication.
Simco's sisters describe him as a "boisterous guy who sported a tattoo, and eyebrow rings and a pierced lip."
His fiancee also said that he was looking forward to being a father.