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Obama voters could influence Proposition 8

The New York Times reported Saturday that many black Barack Obama supporters that come to vote for him in November may also vote for Proposition 8 to be passed, which would ban same-sex marriages.
The newspaper reported that in general black people do not tend to support same-sex marriages, so many of Obama's black and other minority voters may come to the polls to vote for him, and while they are there may cast a vote for Proposition 8.
This is despite that fact that Obama does not support the ban.
Yahoo News reported that neither John McCain or Barack Obama want to feul a gay-marriage debate, but McCain supports the proposition.
Many opponents of the ban plan to fight the proposition by fund raising to reach out to undecided voters, and to try to show the black community that it would be hurting itself to pass this law.
They plan to have gay, black spokesmen to speak to the black communities about this idea.
But the supporters of Proposition 8 are also doing their part to make sure it gets passed.
They are also fund raising and trying to reach out to the religious and conservative groups to gain increasing support for the proposition.
They also believe that the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President will help them because she will be able to gain the support of many religious and conservative groups.