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Bicyclist dies after being hit by SUV on Summit Avenue

The Star Tribune reported that a 51-year-old woman on a bicycle died after being hit by an SUV Saturday.
The accident occurred at the intersection of Summit Avenue and Snelling, in St. Paul.
Police said Virginia Heurerbowar was wearing a helmet when the accident occurred.
Heurerbowar was riding east, as was the man who hit her at the intersection where the roads merge together.
Police said the man told them he stopped at the stop sign, accelerated, and then she was in front of him.
There were no independent witnesses, and there have not been and tickets issued to the driver, but the accident is being investigated.
Heurerbowar died around 3 p.m. at regions hospital, She had suffered severe head injuries from the accident.
She lived with her husband on Laurel Avenue, which is close to where the accident occurred.