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Bombs kills 31 in Baghdad

The Los Angeles Times reported that several bombs exploded in Baghdad Sunday killing 31 people and wounded dozens of others.
Christians also protested on Sunday against a bill that does not guarantee minority seats on provincial councils, which shows the amount of tension that still exists in Iraq.
The bombs exploded around sunset which is the time when many people crowd the marketplace to buy food for the break in their Ramadan fast.
Victims of the attacks said that they were surprised that the attackers were able to enter the marketplace, because there is heavy security protecting it.
Bombs exploded at several locations, leaving many dead and wounded.
One of the bombs was said to be worn as a vest by a suicide bomber, and another was said to be a car bomb.
Authorities said that damage could have been much worse because they found a vest of explosives that must have been ditched by another suicide bomber.
There are also other issues arising due to the pressure for the United States to withdraw its troops, which would leave Iraqi police with even more responsibility to protect their civilians.