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Car Bomb in Syria kills 17 civilians

The New York Times reported that a car bomb in Syria exploded Saturday morning killing 17 civilians.
The bomb shattered glass and damaged dozens of cars and buildings on the city block.
It exploded near one of Syria’s highly secretive security services.
The bombing followed two political assassinations within this year, as well as a massive prison riot.
Interior minister, Gen. Basam Abd al-Majid, said the bomb was the work of terrorists.
Marwan Kabalan, a political science professor at Damascus University, said the attacks are becoming more frequent.
It is the deadliest attack since the 1980s.
In the 1980s, Syria battled Sunni Islamist rebels, which left tens of thousands of people dead.
Syria has been accused of transporting Islamist fighters across its eastern border into Iraq, even though it has a long history of fighting Sunni Arab militants.