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Hurricane Ike not as destructive as predicited

The New York Times reported that Hurricane Ike was not as destructive as it could have been because of good planning and response by authorities and by luck.
Many of the effects that occurred because of Hurricane Rita and Katrina did not occur, such as the traffic congestion, the thieves, and the large number of deaths.
Officials have changed their methods of dealing with hurricanes since Rita and Katrina.
The storm also changed its course at the last minute which resulted in less coastal flooding according to officials.
But, despite this,officials have determined that 6 people have drowned in Texas because of the storm, 12 people died due to other effects of the storm such as fires, and 3 elderly people died because of damage to medical equipment. They also think that some other people may have died as well.
Tens of thousands of homes were also destroyed.
Problems also occurred with rescue efforts, including delayed delivery of supplies by FEMA.
Officials also said it was hard to make people evacuate their homes on the coast.
The predicted storm surge was 20 feet, but it did not reach that height, which officials describe as a "godsend."