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Suspect Charged with Murder in Shooting Outside Minneapolis Club

The Star Tribune reported on Thursday that a suspect was charged with the murder of a 19-year-old man outside of a Minneapolis strip club.
Jerrell Michael Brown, 21, was charged with the murder of Darius Ormond Miller.
The shooting occurred on August 30th around 3 a.m. outside of a Minneapolis club called Whispers Nightclub.
The victim, Miller, was being beaten by a group of men when Brown allegedly walked up and shot Miller in the head, and he died on the sidewalk.
"[The suspect] walks up like a wimp and fires a round in the guy," said Minneapolis Police spokesman, Sgt. Jesse Garcia. "This was a pretty cowardly act."
Brown was later identified by witnesses and a surveillance tape.
Police also found that the gun used to commit the murder was also used in a previous incident in which Brown was involved.