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Valleyfair ride restrictions cause problems for Minneapolis family

The Star Tribune reported that a 6-year-old girl was not allowed on several roller coasters at Valleyfair on August 15 due to the park's inconsistencies.
Autumn Larsen was looking forward to the trip to Valleyfair all year, according to her family.
The Larsens knew that Autumn was not quite 48 inches, which is the height requirement to be allowed on several rides. But, the family read online that if the child was over 48 inches with shoes on, the child would be allowed on the ride.
So the family went to Valleyfair, but when they got there, the workers at the entrance denied Autumn the wristband she needed to be allowed on the rides.
Despite this, Autumn was still able to ride many of the rides without the wristband. But, sometimes she would not be allowed.
The Larsens said that this was due to inconsistencies of the park.
The family later sent a letter complaining to Valleyfair about the incident.
Valleyfair responded by sending them a refund for Autumn's ticket.
Rachel Onken, promotions and communications manager for Valleyfair, said that workers at the park can use their own judgement to determine if a child's shoes are too thick.
She also said that children may shrink throughout the day, which may put them under the 48-inch mark by the end of the day.
Dave Larsen, Autumn's father, said that he does not think that there were any safety concerns with Autumn riding the rides.