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Arkansas anchorwoman dies after being beaten in home

The Chicago Tribune reported Sunday that an Arkansas anchorwoman died in the hospital after being beaten in her home.
Anne Pressly, 26, was severely beaten around her head and neck, and was not able to communicate before she died.
Doctors were encouraged that her vital signs were stable and that the swelling in her brain had gone down, despite her critical condtion.
Pressly died the next day.
Police do not have any suspects and believe that she was the victim of a random attack.
They also found evidence that her credit card was used at a gas station near her home.
Pressly was found Monday morning after she did not respond to a regular wake-up call.
She was supposed to appear on KATV's morning news show that morning.
KATV has set up a reward fund to try to catch the killer and it has reached $30,000.