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Gay Senegal man fears for his life, immigrates to New York

The New York Times reported on Sunday that a gay man from Senegal immigrated to the United States because he feared for his life.
Pape Mbaye is a flamboyant singer from Senegal who was persecuted for being gay.
Pictures were posted of him at a "gay wedding" which he said was just a party, and caused an outrage in his country.
Because there are laws against homosexual relations in Senegal, he was taken into custody and questioned.
Usually, gays are tolerated silently in Senegal, but the public display of pictures was too much.
The police told Mbaye that he should go into hiding because the public would attack him.
When he got out of detention, his apartment had been vandalized, so he did flee.
After being attacked on several occasions, he was allowed to immigrate to New York.
Now that he is in America, he is still trying to avoid the Senegal community because he fears that they will harass him here as well.
He is looking for a job as an entertainer, and wants to work in a hotel, restaurant, or club but is finding it hard because he does not yet know fluent English.