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Man charged with hit-and-run says he was protecting girlfriend

The Pioneer Press reported Friday that a man who was charged with murder hit a man and then crashed his SUV into a highway barrier to hide the damage.
The suspect, Moises Aguilar Nieves, 36, said he did it to protect his girlfriend from a man she dated previously.
Another driver passed by the scene and called police.
Police arrived at the scene around 5 a.m. to find a man, Sergio Escalona, lying dead in the street, and appeared to have been hit by a car.
A 23-year-old woman approached officers and told them she and Escalona had previously dated, and that he had called her after returning from Mexico.
She said Escalona came up to her driver's side door, and that a black SUV pinned him against her car.
She said she blacked out and went up to her room, and later discussed the incident with her father.
She said she talked to Nieves for about 20 minutes after her shift ended at 3 a.m. and that they went their seperate ways.
Police found that they worked at the same place and both of their shifts ended at 3 a.m, and that they were in a relationship.
Initially, Nieves said he left work and hit the highway barrier, then went to the hospital and was home by 8 a.m.
After being questioned by police, Nieves confessed that he hit Escalona with his SUV because he was concerned for his girlfriend because Escalona had forced her to have sex with him before.
Nieves said he only meant to scare Escalona, and not to kill him.