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Man compensated for bus leaving him behind

The Star Tribune reported Saturday that a Minneapolis man was compensated for a bus driver driving past him and not picking him up.
Ken Stano, who had made this trip before, waited on August 29th at the Nicollet Avenue bus station to catch the 46 bus and get off at the light-rail station to get to the airport.
The bus arrived on schedule but the bus driver just drove past him, even though Stano tried to flag him down.
Stano had to rush home to get his car and drive to the airport, but missed his flight anyway.
He called the Metro Transit from the airport, and also typed up a copy of his complaint.
When he returned to Minneapolis, he had a parking bill for $76.
He wrote a letter asking Metro Transit to compensate him for this, and won his case.
The company conducted an investigation into the incident and found that the bus driver had been confused regarding who he was supposed to pick up on his route, because there was construction that caused a detour.