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Palin says Obama can be linked to terrorist

The Star Tribune reported that Sarah Palin made a comment about Barack Obama "paling around" with a terrorist.
Palin says that Obama's association with Bill Ayers, founder of Weather Underground group during the 1960s, is a relevant issue.
Obama has said that he does not support the radical views of Ayer and thinks that Palin is just trying to distract voters from the real issues, such as the current economy.
Palin mentioned the issue at three different events on Saturday. She also said that Obama began his political career in "the living room" of Ayer.
She also cited an event that Ayer held for Obama in his home when Obama ran for office in the 1990s.
Obama and Ayer live near each other in Chicago, and support one of the same charities, yet there is no evidence that they "pal around."
Obama and Ayers were obviously not associated when the terrorist acts were being committed; he would have only been 8-years-old.