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Phishing to become a bigger problem

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that phishing may become an even bigger problem due to the current economic crisis.
Investigators have seen a rise in the amount of phishing scams lately, which encourage people to give out personal information which can lead to identity theft.
Dave Marcus, director of security research at McAfee Inc., said that scammers will take advantage of the banking crisis. He also said that they see general patterns when there is an economic crisis in regards to scams.
Scammers have recently sent out e-mails regarding the merger between Wachovia and Citibank, which never happened.
Wachovia put out a warning on its site encouraging customers never to give out personal information via e-mail.
Scammers usually try to make their e-mails look official and urgent, to get a response from victims, and can sometimes be very convincing.