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Taliban kills and beheads dozens of bus passengers

The New York Times reported Sunday that the Taliban is responsible for a bus ambush Thursday in which they killed 30 people.
Afghan officials said that of the 6 bodies they have retrieved so far, all 6 have been beheaded, and they have received information that there are 24 more victims.
The attack took place in the Maiwand District, where Taliban attacks are frequent and the insurgency is the strongest in the country.
Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, said that they had evidence that the bus passengers were with the Afghan National Army. He also said that the victim's families had been contacted to be informed that the men would be killed.
Afghan officials denied that the victims were with the National Army, and said that they were just civilians looking for work.
The Taliban tried to stop two different buses, but was not able to get the first one to stop, so they opened fire on it, killing a baby and wounding a man inside. The second bus did stop, and 10 people were released but 40 people are unaccounted for.