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Toronto lawn signs lead to vandalism

The New York Times reported Saturday that Toronto residents who put signs in their yards supporting the Liberal Party were the targets of vandals.
Many residents now feel the need to check underneath their cars before leaving to make sure that they have not been tampered with.
Last weekend, over 30 Toronto residents with lawn signs promoting this party had their brakes cut, cable television or phone lines cut, or their cars or homes sprayed with graffiti.
It happened in an upper-middle class neighborhood, where there is normally a low amount of crime.
Police said that the attacks all fit a similar pattern, but some were more dangerous than others.
One resident realized there was a problem before he left his driveway, but another nearly collided with a bus in a major intersection after his brakes had been cut.
Police do not believe that the opposing campaign is involved with the acts.
Only about 14 residents decided to remove their signs, while over 100 residents have decided to put up a sign to challenge the vandals.