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Winning the Catholic Vote

The New York Times reported Saturday that both political parties will be fighting for the Catholic vote this election.
Democrats argue that their party better represents the teachings of the Church, but many Catholics do not agree.
Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton, Pa. ordered all priests in that diocese to give a homily urging members not to vote "pro-choice."
The bishop said that being right on taxes, education, and health care didn't matter if a candidate was pro-choice.
Scranton is a focus of this issue because it is the home city of Joe Biden.
Many liberal lay Catholics criticized the Bishop's message, and a nun gathered signatures from Catholic leaders for an advertisement that suggests it is a sin not to vote for Barack Obama because of race, and that it is a threat to human dignity.
John McCain is promoting his pro-life stance in his campaign, trying to appeal to Catholic voters.
A Catholic group called Fidelis put together a video to encourage voters to make abortion and same-sex marriages a priority this election.
There are many other issues surrounding Catholic voters and whether they will be able to support Barack Obama.