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20 people die because of tripped fire alarm on Russian submarine

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that a false fire alarm caused the death of 20 people aboard a Russian submarine late Saturday.
Deadly fire-extinguishing gases were emitted, and there were a large number of civilians aboard the submarine that were not prepared to handle such an emergency.
There was such a large number of civilians because the submarine was being tested, and many experts were on board.
17 of the deaths were civilian.
Officials said that their unpreparedness contributed to the number of deaths, and everyone should have known how to handle the situation.
Some of the crew may have already been sleeping when the alarm sounded.
The other people would have panicked when the doors to their rooms locked automatically and the gases were emitted.
This was the worst incident involving a Russian submarine in 2000, in which 118 people died due to a torpedo.