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Brother and sister charged with killing of brother

The Star Tribune reported Monday that a brother and sister killed their brother in Southwestern, Minn.
Police believe that Elizabeth Hawes and Andrew Hawes killed their brother, Edwin, and then burned his body in a fire.
Police arrived on the scene on a rural farm, where there was an illegal fire, and found the suspects as well as Andrew's girlfriend, who is also charged with second degree murder.
They allegedly talked about killing Edwin in front of Elizabeth's husband.
Edwin was shot in the chest with a crossbow, beaten with a baseball bat, and run over before his body was burned.
Their was blood on the outside of Edwin's home and under his car.
The siblings had a feud for several years before the killing, according to a close friend of Edwin.
The suspects could serve up to 40 years in jail if convicted.
They said that Edwin had been embezzling money from the family business.