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California wildfires blaze on

The New York Times reported Sunday that firefighters continue to struggle to contain wildfires in Southern California.
Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate.
The governor declared Los Angeles, Orange, and Santa Barbara counties as states of emergency.
Dozens of homes in Anaheim have been destroyed, and firefighters continue to battle fires in Santa Barbara.
Many major roads have been closed down, and power could potentially go out.
The Corona blaze, named the Freeway Complex fire, damaged 94 homes by Saturday night and was driven by erratic winds.
The winds in these fires is especially dangerous because it can cause fires to spread extremely fast.
At one hospital, staff had to move quickly to transport critically ill patients.
Oakridge mobile home park looked like "a firestorm" according to firefighters.
Some fireighters were also trapped int raffic jams on the closed roads.
Some residents had to evacuate immediately with no chance to gather any of their belongings.