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Candidates focus on states they lost in 2004

The New York Times reported Sunday that the presidential campaigns will try to focus their attention in these last few days to states that they lost in 2004.
John McCain is scehduled to make appearances in states that voted democratic in 2004 such as Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.
At a Pennsylvania high school he said "The pundits have written us off."
He will also make stops in Florida, Virginia, Indiana, New Mexico, Nevada , and Tennessee, before going home to Arizona for election day.
Barack Obama will spend his time in three Ohio cities, and make stops in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, before going home to Chicago for Tuesday's election.
"We can't let this slip away," Obama said in Colombus.
Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will also spend her time in Ohio.
Joe Biden will be in Florida.
Many Americans have already voted via absentee ballots.
John McCain also appeared on Saturday Night Live.
Both candidates have been using their remaining time to stress reoccurring themes.