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Domestic Violence ignored by army

The New York Times reported Saturday that the army has let a soldier escape without consequences for domestic violence.
On Christmas Day in 2007, Sgt. Carlos Renteria smothered his wife with a pillow and caused injuries to her.
Adriana Renteria, his wife, reported the abuse and was assured by the army that it would be taken care of, but it never was.
The couple's troubles began as newlyweds, and Adriana had reported other instances of abuse previously, but the case was never properly dealt with.
The Sgt. was ordered to take anger management classes, and only attended one.
Domestic violence is a growing problem with soldiers who are returning from Iraq.
After the Christmas Day incident was reported, Sgt. Renteria was again deployed to Iraq.
His wife, with whom he recently divorced in October, said he was suffering from nightmares and was drinking heavily.
Still the army has not prosecuted the case.
Adriana worries that the Sgt.'s behavior will worsen, and has gotten a restraining order.
Three murders have occurred on a military base in North Carolina in the past four months, and were all committed by soldiers against their wives of girlfriends.