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Drunk driver drags trooper

The Star Tribune reported Thursday that a Robbinsdale driver is accused of driving a trooper 40 to 50 feet on Highway 169.
Derek Alan Thompson, 36, has been charged with drunk driving and fleeing police.
He has been convicted of drunk driving six times before and has been charged with numerous other crimes.
The trooper pulled over because Thompson had the hood up of his jeep and appeared to be having trouble.
When Thompson was able to fix it, the trooper noticed that he appeared to be drunk.
Thompson took a breath test which showed that he was over two times the legal limit.
Then he reportedly punched the trooper and took off in his jeep, dragging the trooper down the highway.
He led officers on a chase but was caught shortly after.
Jean Mulvey, executive director for Mothers Against Drunk Driving Minnesota, said that they are trying to impose stricter laws against drunk driving because people do not seem to take it seriously.