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Pakistani Civilians fight back against Taliban

The New York Times reported Saturday that a group of Pakistani civilians killed 6 militants from the Taliban who shot eight Pakistani police officers in Buner.
The group went on a five day hunt for the militants and took a cell phone video of blood gushing from their wounds.
The police in Pakistan have been overwhelmed by the Taliban, and have been encouraged citizens to form their own "posses."
They said they hope that this will be a deterrence for the Taliban, but many police officers have already been killed.
Many of the police officers are underpaid and are not as well armed as the Taliban.
The people of Buner said that they want to avoid civil war, and have seen surrounding towns engulfed in conflict between the army and militants.
AThey said they would rather handle the militants themselves than have the army come in.
This conflict has caused many people to become refugees.
The police also found a suicide vest equipped with explosives, and other extremely lethal items.