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Second lawsuit filed against Coleman

The Star Tribune reported Friday that a second lawsuit was filed Friday that states that a friend of Sen. Norm Coleman used a marine company in Texas to pay $75,000 to the company where Coleman's wife,Laurie, works.
The Franken campaign denies having any connection to the suit.
Coleman's campaign manager said the claims were false and were being used to try to influence the election.
He also said the Star Tribune is contributing to hurting the Senator's reputation by reporting on the suit.
Paul McKim, founder of Deep Marine Technology Inc. of Houston, filed the first lawsuit against Coleman.
McKim said he does not know Coleman, and that maybe he is a good man getting tangled up in this mess.
He also said that it is possible that no money ever reached the Colemans.
Bruce Gilman, chairman and interim CEO of Deep Marine, that the company is conducting its own investigation.
Laurie Coleman's company defended her by saying the allegations were outrageous.