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St. Louis high school fears H.I.V outbreak

The New York Times reported Saturday that up to 50 students from a St. Louis high school may have been exposed to the H.I.V. virus.
The school, Normandy High School, sent out a letter to 1300 parents informing them that there would be an investigation on the issue.
So far, one person has been confirmed to have the virus, but it is not confirmed that they are a student, or who they are.
All of the students have been offered free confidential testing for the virus, and the results should be released this week.
97 percent of the students chose to be tested.
Mya McLemore, a senior at the highschool, says she pays close attention to the behavior of her classmates to see if she can see anything unusual.
Jamar McKinney, a junior, said that students are all talking about who could have the disease.
Parents from a rival school called Normandy's principal to see if it would be safe to play in a football game against the school, and he assured them it would be.
The Health Department is conducting an investigation as to how the disease could have spread.
The school, which is 99 percent black, has other negative issues that may cause it to be taken over by the state.
Students said they do not appreciate the negative media attention.