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Woman mistaken for gang member in stabbing

The Star Tribune reported Friday that a 19-year-old woman was stabbed at a St. Paul library after being asked what gang she belonged to.
A librarian asked the three attackers and the woman to leave the library before the attack occurred.
When the woman told her attackers she was not in a gang, the attackers left but later returned to the scene when they struck her and stabbed her 13 times.
She suffered a punctured lung, and asked police not to release her name.
Two of the attackers, brothers Meng Vang, 19, and Kou Vang, 18, of St. Paul, are in custody, but the third 19-year-old accomplice is not.
Police were called to respond to the attack around 4:15 p.m.
The suspects fled the scene after the attack, but left their car behind, which gave police a lead as to who they were.
In separate interviews, the brothers admitted to being in a fight but denied having a weapon.