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Dogfights in Texas rising

The New York Times reported Saturday that the dogfighting subculture in Texas is rising.
Undercover agents trailed a car with dogfighters and a pitbull, who was going to fight another dog from Louisiana.
Another car followed them to protect the dog and a $40,000 bet placed on the fight.
The dog fighters from Louisiana decided to back out at the last second, but the crew from Texas threatened to kill them.
The pitbull's owner decided to let the crew from Louisiana live, but took the dog.
The agents found in their investigation that the dogfighting subculture in Texas is growing, and more young members are beginning to participate.
The investigation led to the indictment of 55 people, and almost 190 pitbulls were seized.
Officials described it as one of the largest dogfighting rings in the country.
The investigation found that these dogs were trained and kept in extremely cruel ways.
They were forced to fight against each other, and the loser was usually killed.
People from as far away as the Czech Republic came to watch some of the fights.
The dogs that were seized had to be euthanized because they were trained to attack other dogs.