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Faribault prep school teacher kills himself on campus

The Star Tribune reported Sunday that a dorm director and teacher at Faribault prep school shot himself to death on campus on Friday night.
Len Jones, 34, was alone in his faculty apartment was he committed suicide, police said.
Several 7th through 9th grade boys heard the shot, and faculty rushed them away from the scene as they tried to help Jones.
Jones was described as well-liked by the students, and had come to Faribault from South Carolina six years ago.
He had recently become dorm director, and had expressed interest in taking on more administrative duties.
Spokesman for the school, Amy Wolf, said that no one had seen the suicide coming, but some knew he was having marital issues.
Jones described the event as the most tragic event that the school had ever seen.
A prayer service was scheduled for Sunday at 11:00 a.m.