The penitent prisoner

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This story, from the LA Times, follows the trajectory of John Paul Madrona, a convicted murderer and devoted penitent at the California Medical facility, a prison near Sacramento, Calif.
The story weaves together bits of narrative about Madrona's life leading up his incarceration, his introduction into the hospice system of the prison where he has now worked for a couple of years and a recent inmate, 24-year-old Freddy Garcia.
The author, Kurt Streeter, paints Garcia for the reader: "The tattoos on his head glistened with sweat, but he puffed out his chest, trying to act tough," as well as describing, second hand, the account of the shooting that landed Madrona and a co-shooter in prison back in 1991: "Without pause, Madron and DeGuzman rasied handguns and fired rapidly. One bullet plowed into Takahashi's forehead."
Using bits of witnessed interaction, historical recreation and direct interview material allows Streeter to form a narrative arc sufficient to engage the reader to check back for the second part of the story, which will be printed Monday morning.
This is quality writing.

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