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Runaway Cain Train

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This piece from CNN is more of a video essay on Herman Cain's candidacy for president than a normal broadcast story.
Solely voiceover and recycled b-roll clips, it follows some of his most controversial moments, as well as some of his triumphs.
Jim Acosta finally steps in to finish the story after showing a clip form Cain's suspension of campaign speech.
He ends with a hilarious kicker about Cain's 9-9-9 plan, saying, "it's arguably an issue without a godfather."

Not really news

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Reporter Todd Walker does some not-really-news news coverage.
The Fox 9 team helps facilitate a tailgate marriage proposal between two Denver Broncos fans.
There's no real lead-in, no nut, just action. Manufactured, even.
After giving them champagne, Walker says, "the Broncos are kind of our anti-Christ here..."
And that's all that one does.

Brazen burglary

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"Return to the neighborhood, you may get hurt," KSTP's Leah McLean leads off a crime story, before passing it off to Nick Winkler.
Winkler's SOT begins with a great quote from St. Paul resident Ron Kogler about how he would've hospitalized the burglar if the cops hadn't gotten him first.
Another interviewee, who called the police and who requested anonymity (and got it by hiding behind a tree) expressed a similar sentiment about the possible fisticuffs the accused, Tyler Running, would face upon return.
Running was arrested and is accused on multiple counts of burglary on West Cook Avenue.
Running was reported as released on bail, and back in the neighborhood...


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Sunday morning KSTP aired a 5-minute piece on Jerry Sandusky's first on-camera interview since allegations came out about his purported sexual misadventures.
The lead-in sends us to T.J. Winick, who uses his eyebrows and emphatic delivery to present the nut of the story before seguing into the voiceover segment.
In the segment, there is a mix of New York Times footage as well as some original interviews with both the Times reporter and one of the alleged victim's lawyers.
After passing it back to Dan Harris, news consultant Dr. Michael Welner offers an analysis of Sandusky's cognitive distortion.
ABC's Harris makes a point, while Welner calls out Sandusky for being a pedophile, that nothing is proven, but alleged, thus protecting his organizations good name from lawsuits.

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