November 15, 2004

Light Rail Experience

I've never been on the Light Rail before but I've only heard good things about it. My parents ride it every weekend from Fort Snelling to the Metradome for the footballs to save money and hassel for parking downtown. THey enjoy it a lot and also were excited about it going to Mall of America soon. This will be helpful for people without cars and will be much faster than buses. I liked riding the Hi beacuse it was much cleaner than the bus and there was a lot more room to sit down and not be crowding over someone else. The stop that I got off at was Governors Square between Nicollet and the Metradome. Surrounding the stop was mainly just open side walks on either side of the tracks. There was a statue of Hubert H. Humphrey across from the tracks where I took pictures of. The best site though was all the huge buildings around the station. This was definitely somnambulism because Iíve never noticed any of the buildings. They were really cool because of the architecture and all the lights coming from inside of them and the many windows covering the sides. The buildings down town look so much better at night time because of the lights and they way they glow in the dark.

Posted by holt0364 at November 15, 2004 12:57 AM