December 2, 2008

Final Magazine Spreads

Below are the final pages of the magazine. Don't worry about the blurry images; the files weren't linked correctly on my computer when I converted everything into JPEGs. Great work!

6-page spread.jpg

6-page spread2.jpg

New 40-page2.jpg

New 40-page3.jpg

New 40-page4.jpg

New 40-page5.jpg

New 40-page6.jpg

New 40-page7.jpg

New 40-page8.jpg

New 40-page9.jpg

New 40-page10.jpg

New 40-page11.jpg

New 40-page12.jpg

New 40-page13.jpg

New 40-page14.jpg

New 40-page15.jpg

New 40-page16.jpg

New 40-page17.jpg

New 40-page18.jpg

New 40-page19.jpg

New 40-page20.jpg

6-page spread3.jpg

November 3, 2008

Magazine folio



October 15, 2008

Possible Cover Photo

Here is a photo we are strongly considering for the cover. Comment with your thoughts and suggestions!


October 14, 2008

For the photographers

If you haven't watched Dexter, the T.V. show, you really should. It's about a serial killer who works for the Miami Police Department. Sounds strange, but besides being a great program, the opening titles are really interesting. It's pretty much a series of close-up shots that are misleading at such a near camera angle (I thought someone was being murdered), but when you step back, you see that it is really just a series of everyday activities. It's really quite beautiful and I think that the photographers might be able to take something from it. Everyone should watch it anyway. Here's a link from YouTube:

Dexter opening titles clip

October 13, 2008

Flickr Photo Group

I created a flickr group for the photographs that are taken for Avenue. It seemed like the best way to share pics with everyone. Anyone can view them, but you need a flickr account to upload to the group. I created an account with the username "avenue.magazine" for Srijon. I'll be uploading from the username "dustywrath." Currently the pool contains images that could be our cover art and others that might be useful for creating graphics or something later.

View the pool
View the pool as slideshow

A couple of pics I took (click on the above links to see more!)....




Color palette

These are the colors that we have chosen for the magazine and will be used accordingly on the web site. Each department has its own 'color' which will merely be implemented in the tab on the top outside corner of each department page (see example in post below).

The thought process behind our palette was using very pure colors since transportation is an essential part of everyone's life.

Color Palette.jpg

Department pages

This is the sample department page we showed Al Tims. We're going to create a grid for the department pages so there is flexibility with where we put text. Hopefully we'll be able to create some nice charts, A.S.Fs and illustrations for the department pages also.



October 8, 2008

Inspiration for fashion shoot

Paul Smith has fantastic ads that look exactly like what we're aiming for. Notice the blurred background and the focus on the clothing.
Paul Smith ad campaign

Michael Kors has beautiful ads shot by Mario Testino. I love the lighting and the 'candid' feel that we're shooting for.
Michael Kors advertisments

October 6, 2008

For the fashion spread team

Here's a really cool video of a photo shoot that the Times did for T Style. Amazing!

Times photo shoot (below is one of the final pictures from the shoot)


Narrowing font choices


Preliminary feature designs



October 4, 2008

Cover Ideas

Here's what we've been working on for our magazine wordmark and subhead fonts which will be used throughout the inside spreads, too. Right now we're just using stock photos as fillers to put the fonts we're trying out in context. We've got a lot of work to do, but we're doing a good job of narrowing down fonts that compliment each other while also looking sophisticated. You can click on the images to view a bigger, higher-quality file.

Mark fonts.jpg

Ignore the weird filler blurbs ...



Mark fonts2.jpg

Mark fonts3.jpg