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Planet Earth for the Taking

The essays by Carson, Moore, and Boyle all raise questions about our need to “accommodate ourselves to this planet.� Based on the readings for this week, do you believe we need to do more to respect the “principles by which nature works�? Refer to at least one of these readings in your response.

As we go about our daily lives so entranced in our own little world, we very seldom think about our relationship with nature. Carson brings up an interesting argument with the farming industry and how we rooted a pesticide problem long ago which has just amplified with time. This is a good example of us not understanding the principles of nature.
It all comes down to science. Our great knowledge from the works of Darwin and others let's us realize that when you introduce a poison into a habitat, survival of the fittest will weed out the weak. This leaves the few lucky random gene mutations that are resistant to the chemicals to survive and flourish. The only way we know how to fight this is to use more and more potent chemicals to irradiate the insects only to buy a little time before the next wave swarms in. IT was mentioned by Moore, I believe, that we were probably better off not even using pesticides in the first place at all since we have just created an even worse problem.
As we "accommodate ourselves to the planet" we need to obviously be worried about our survival. In this case, we are worried about the food supply. It is similar to most other problems in the economy where we don't seem to deal with them until the effects are already under way. Personally, I think the answer to this problem is bio-engineered products that take advantage of the genetics of both the insects and the plants. The whole reason that everything went bad in the first place was because of the genes, so I say fight genes with genes. This seems vague, but it seems like the only way out. Some might argue that you can't manipulate nature, it will only get you in the end. To them, I say that is what HAS been happening in the past since we had a shallow understanding. With the new and constantly growing bank of knowledge with genetic engineering and fundamentals of nature, I think we can overcome this almost century-old problem.
In the mean time, if we are going to get crazy about how we are destroying the environment, we should first focus our efforts on something more relevant like global warming...