Confidentiality and Anonymity in Research

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Ethics is an important topic within the research realm, and getting consent from research participants is an ethical obligation for researchers.

The above image is the information that a research is providing to their participants in order to gain the participant's consent to be included in the research process. It includes a brief description of what the researcher is measuring, why the researcher is performing the study and what they will gain from it. Most importantly to many, however, is the information that it provides to participants regarding their confidentiality and anonymity.

Confidentiality in research means that the researcher will not release any information to the public that will identify their participants.
Anonymity is similar to confidentiality but is a further step towards disclosure as it prevents any data within the research to identify participants. This makes it so that even the researcher does not know who provided what information to the study.

Confidentiality and anonymity agreements are extremely important practices in research. Any violation of these agreements become ethical issues and could also become legal issues depending on the gravity of the circumstances.

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