Cross-Channel Marketing

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A study performed by Trumpia, a tool that allows users to send their individual messages out to someone by reaching all of their communication devices, shows that their customers respond more to SMS and multi-channel marketing technology than ever before. This research is backed up by the fact that more and more people are using their mobile devices for more than just phone calls, and therefore they rely on their phones much more often.

Many smartphone devices today give people access to phone, email and text messages, among many other communication venues. This makes it a great reason to implement multi-channel marketing strategies. The many channels make it so that the recipient will surely and efficiently view the message due to their interaction with their smartphone device.

It must be noted that not every target customer/consumer of a business will have a smartphone device that allows for easy and constant access to different communication venues. It is also doubtful that every targeted member will have access to any combination of multiple communication venues.

So, while this research allows for more companies to implement cross-channel marketing strategies in order to be able to reach more of their customers more effectively, it is important to take into account who the message is intended for. It is important to note the demographics of the target audience and conclude from that where the best marketing venue exists.

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