"Scientists say"

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Consider this meme:


While not all researchers are considered scientists, a lot of people take what they say and apply it to themselves or their surrounding environment, sometimes without question. People who perform research hold power in what they discover through their work, and the way that they present said research influences the actions that people take in response to it.

Framing is a concept that is important to consider in all aspects of research. A researcher must use their strategic judgment to determine the most effective ways to present their findings to the public. According to Gerald M. Kosicki at Sage Research Methods, "...framing refers to the careful use of language or other symbols in public discourse...Framing is an important construct in the measurement and understanding of public opinion."

The researcher bears the responsibility of revealing their findings in an honest fashion while still getting their main point across, however it is the responsibility of the public to determine how these research findings came to be and how they can effectively be applied to a lifestyle or concept.

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