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The above study by the marketing research group NPD Group discusses the benefits of snacking in maintaining a healthy diet. The results of the study are described well; however there are some limitations that remain unclear regarding whom these results refer to, who is benefitting from these results and how relevant these results are to peoples' lives today.

The first limitation that I found in this study is "To whom are these results referring to and benefiting?" For instance, the results show that while snacking in general throughout the day has become a more common occurrence for many, late-night snacking in particular is a habit that has decreased. I am curious about who this study is referring to when they say that late-night snacking has decreased. In my own personal experience as a busy college student, late at night is a very common time to snack on foods while staying up to finish homework. Is this study taking this outlier into account when studying current snacking trends?

In addition to the question about who these results are referring to and benefitting, It is necessary to know how long of a timeframe this study was conducted over in order to understand why the current trends are the way they are and whether or not a recent occurrence has influenced this. Without understanding this timeframe, it is harder to determine how relevant these findings about snacking are in the lives of people today. A new and exclusive finding is more likely to effect how much people are willing to change their lifestyle and consumption habits than a finding that is being reiterated for a third or fourth time.

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