November 7, 2007

El Centro Cultural La Marin

"El niño que no juega no es niño, pero el hombre que no juega perdió para siempre al niño que vivía en él y que le hará mucha falta"
-Pablo Neruda

(The child that doesn´t play is not a child, but the man that doesn´t play loses forever the child that lives in him and he has lost much)
-Pablo Neruda

El Lunes (Monday) I started my pasantía (internship) in "El Centro Cultural La Marin." It is a government sponsored community art center where many groups meet to do theatre. They have a Club de Payasos (Clown Club) run my my internship mentor Fabián Lucero. He knows his clown stuff and we like to talk about how existence is because of Love and spirituality. His philosophy of clown is that happiness will spread until we are living because of el amor (love).

While I´m here I´m going to share with the clown club object manipulation and malabares (juggling). I´m going to help Fabián teach senior citizens clown. I am also going to work with kids in a free child art center called the Gwambroteca (Gwambro I think is Quitchua for man). Hopefully I´m just going to play some theatre games.

I have started my outline for my Paper. Here is my theme:

El teatro da un espacio a cada ser humano para jugar que es algo necesario y especialmente importante si queremos, como un mundo ya globalizado, llegar a un nivel más humano para que todos puedan expresarse, comunicarse, interpretarse, y crear nuestra realidad y ser concientes a donde queremos llegar y como debemos desarrollar nuestro destino.

TRANSLATION: Theatre is a space for every human being to play which necessary and especially important if we want, as an already globalized world, to reach a level more human so that everyone can express, communicate, interpret, and create our reality and become concious of where we want to reach and how we should develop our destiny.

Comments? Suggestions? I am also going to go see a show at Mala Yerba this weekend called La muchacha de los libros usados (the woman of the used books). I´ll write about it.

Last night I went to see a commemorative presentation for a famous modern dancer native to Quito. Wilson Pico. I learned a lot about his life. He gave a lot of workshops in the Unitedstates for awhile. There was a documentary, some hippy folk music, and my favorite was the break dance. I wanna learn break dance now. Spencer?

I made friends with the libriarian yesterday of the library of poetry. She gave me a Dario Fo book to read. So I´m working on reading that. It´s funny cause it´s like in spanish from Italian and I read English.

I feel strangly at home here... and times I feel like I don´t belong at all. My cellphone was robbed from me yesterday at 4pm in the afternoon... there were 3 boys with a knife and nothing happened... but I still wonder if it would have happened to me if I had the words and confidence to fit in here. I think I realized that I may never fit in here. I am starting to experience otherness in new and different ways here. It is a challenge but a struggle filled with pride when I see how far I´ve come.

Especially in Theatre where communication is super important. I must confess that I am afraid a little for the language barrier when we start classes.

Chao Todos
Is anyone reading this? Comment!

October 24, 2007

"No olvidemos que la mayoría de las transformaciones sociales se desatan primero en el ámbito de la cultura para después adquirir demensiones políticas y económicas."

Translation: "Let´s not forget that the majority of social transformations are first unleashed in the environment of culture later to aquire political and economic demensions." -The Monthly "what´s happening in the theatre world" Magazine in Quito "Desde el teatro"

So friends, romans, compañeros! I picked a good time to arrive in Ecuador. Right now it is the "Festival Internacional de Teatro Experimental 2007" It started September 27th and goes until the 31st of October. This ofcourse means I´ve had plenty to see since I´ve arived here.

I just got out of a play called "La Flor De La Chukirawa" por el grupo contraelviento. The flower of the ¿chukirawa? by the group againsthewind. It was a very interesting experience. The play was about an interview with an indigenious woman in Ecuador who´s son died fighting in the war in Iraq. It was great being the only gringo in the theatre.

The play ofcourse started 30 mins late. everything I´ve seen here it had a wonderful poetic way of "no se desenvuelve de formal lineal ni se subordina al texto" (not following a linear format or conforming to the text)

Aqui está la pagina de contraelviento si quieres aprender más

It´s very political format seems to be a strong theme of the theatre here. It is very hard to disconect theatre from polictics in a society where they are so strongly tied together. Especially now the political environment is super charged and hopeful because of the Asamblea Constituyente that has just been elected. Ecuador is on the precipice of change and the theatre world is right there writing the new history along with it.

Another interesting piece of theatre I saw last week was called. "La Noche de las tulipanes" en la universidad central. It was a theatre/dance piece which followed the stories of 5 characters who were stowaways on a boat to illegally immigrate to Spain. Many of the people here leave the country in search of what they believe is a better life. The play focused a lot on the fantasy world created by this dream.

¿Qué Mas?

I know that my internship will be with "Centro Cultural La Marin." This is a government afiliated cultural center with a lot going on from clown clubs to theatre for social critique. It´s not super clear to me what I´ll be doing as of right now but it should be something interesting and theatrical.

There´s a lot that I´m missing in this breif entry... Hay mucho que falta este explicación breve...

But I´m going to go out an live some life now. Chao chao!

October 9, 2007

Bienveniedos a mi blog

Bienveniedos a mi blog!

¿Haley why are you blogging about theatre in Ecuador?

I started this blog in order to document my experience in the theatre world while studying abroad here in Quito. I also wanted to share it with you all because I think it has the potential to open up interesting discussions and it will provide a window into my very subjective experience of theatre here in Quito.

So enjoy! Share your thoughts because those who know me know I´ll be sharing mine. Thanks for stopping by. What a miracle globalization provides us in the opportunity and connection. What a mess globalization has left us within the heirarchy of capitalism.

I´ll update something more substantial soon. I´ve been to a few shows here and attended a class on clowning. I´ll fill you in later.

Echo por menos a todos! Chao