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Archive: September 2011

The National Park Service and University Honors Program are collaborating to offer new honors internships to begin in November 2011 and continue into spring semester 2012.

About the Program

The University of Minnesota is a world-class university located in a national park, along one of the great rivers of the world. The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA), established by Congress in 1988, stretches for 72 miles on each side of the Mississippi through the heart of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. A "partnership park," because the Park Service owns very little land, MNRRA works with public agencies and nonprofit partners throughout the corridor to protect significant resources and interpret to the public the stories and places of this nationally-significant corridor. The MNRRA-University of Minnesota relationship is enhanced by programs that bring students into the park for research and service projects that advance park goals and contribute to student learning and development.

2011-2012 Honors Internships

Internships will begin in early November and continuing through spring semester. Each internship counts as two non-course honors experiences for the academic year.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and able to work independently. Strong research skills and experience using Microsoft Office applications is required.

Position Descriptions

Development Research Intern

Job code UHP-NPS-201112-F-1
The Development Research Intern will conduct research and analysis on potential funding sources for the UM/MNRRA program. The ideal candidate will have familiarity with business communication, nonprofit management, development strategies, and/or grant seeking, through course work, work experience, or both. The student will design interview questions for key players n the UM/MNRRA partnerships, conduct interviews, and then use that information as a basis to make and execute primary steps to solidify funding support for the partnership. The student fellow will also be expected to conduct research of program precedents and potential grants to support the partnership. This is a credit-bearing opportunity with approximately 90 hours of work between November and May.

Student Marketing Initiative Intern

Job code UHP-NPS-201112-F-2
The Student Marketing Initiative Intern will conduct research and analysis on what particular, specific strategies should be undertaken to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the MNRRA corridor to U of M student cohorts. The student will start by analyzing how MNRRA web material defines the visitor experiences available at the park, and then will develop and execute a survey and/or series of focus groups for UM students to ascertain how the park may be a stronger "draw" for students and young adults. This is a credit-bearing opportunity with approximately 90 hours of work between November and May.

Partnership Research Interns

Job Code UHP-NPS-201112-I-1
The Partnership Research Interns will conduct research and analysis on case studies of successful collaboration for resource management and education activities along the Mississippi River. The student will work with U of M and Park Service staff to develop and refine interview questions, conduct background (web based) research, conduct telephone interviews, and write the results up in a series of case study reports. It is expected that these reports will contribute to future policy directions along the Mississippi. These are grant-funded, paid opportunities, for approximately 120 hours of work at $12/hour between November and May.  There are four of these positions available.

To Apply

Download the application
Submit completed application by Wednesday, October 5, to Patrick Nunnally, River Life Coordinator, at .