Defense Claims Michael Jackson Gave Himself Fatal Overdose

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The defense in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial claimed Friday that the pop star fatally injected himself with the drug propofol.

ABC News reported that Dr. Paul White denounced the prosecution's belief that Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal physician, administered a fatal dose of propofol to Jackson on the day of his death.

"I read all these documents and was perplexed that the determination had been made that Dr. Murray was infusing propofol, because in my examination of the documents and evidence, it wasn't obvious to me," White said during the testimony.

The defense says Jackson, who suffered from insomnia, feared that his comeback tours could be canceled unless he found sleep. Jackson self-administered the propofol that Murray was trying to wean him off of and also swallowed eight lorazepam tablets while Murray was not watching, CNN reported about the defense's theory.

Prosecutors contend that Murray is responsible for Jackson's death even if he did not administer the final dose because he was criminally reckless in using the propofol to help Jackson sleep without proper precautions, CNN also reported.

White is expected to be called back to testify when the trail resumes Monday morning, according to the report from ABC News. On Wednesday the jury is expected to begin deliberating.

ABC News reported that Cherilyn Lee, a nurse practitioner who consulted Jackson, said other doctors or nurses say they never would have done what Murray did and refused to administer propofol to Jackson. "I don't think there's a chance that [the jury] won't agree that he [Murray] was grossly negligent," Lee told ABC News.

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