Synthetic drug case waiting for autopsy results

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The murder trial for a Minnesota man accused of providing a synthetic drug that killed a man at a Blaine party in March has been postponed pending final autopsy results, reports the Star Tribune.

Tim LaMere, 21, is charged with unintentional third-degree murder and accused of supplying the illegal drug 2C-E to Trevor Robinson, 19, who allegedly took the drug at the party in March and died hours later, reports the Associated Press.

The Associated Press also reports that Anoka County prosecutor Paul Young said at the pretrial hearing Friday that testing for synthetic drugs is so new that there is only one lab in the U.S. that can test a victim's body for evidence of 2C-E.

"They're still not sure what's in the descendent's blood," said defense attorney Brad Zunker in the Associated Press account.

According to preliminary autopsy results, Robinson died of cardiac arrest due to drug toxicity, reports the Star Tribune.

Judge Alan Pendleton put LeMere's trial on hold indefinitely. He set the next pretrial hearing for Nov. 30.

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